◆PET boasts low moisture absorbency (0.1-0.2% for PET vs 2.0-3.0% for polyimides)
  • Complies upto IPX6 grading by applying the water-resistant soldermask to the wiring layer
  • Reduces the need to tape and seal the cabling in order to add water-resistance
◆Target area of application
  • Bath and toiletry products
  • Kitchen products
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
    Contributes to the improved precision of the mounted sensor's reading
  • Products that are used or stored in temperatures below 0˚C
    Effective for products where the flexible PCB's flexibility is impaired or damaged due to the moisture absorbed by the circuit board freezing and expanding when exposed to sub-zero temperatures.
◆Provides added mounting and storage benefits
  • Reduces inconveniences that accompany the rapid rise in temperature caused by soldering onto a circuit board that has absorbed moisture
  • Reduces man hours and costs for moisture management during circuit board storage

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