Ag/AgCl electrochemical sensor

What is an Ag/AgCl electrochemical sensor
Ag/AgCl electrochemical sensor
What is an electrochemical sensor

An electrochemical sensor is a sensor that can figure out the status by using redox potential. It is used for the following cases;

  • for environmental and water quality analyses, measurement of the amount of copper, arsenic, and mercury and the like contained in the water.
  • for measurement of the blood glucose level, lactic acid, urine sugar sensor, and glutamic acid etc as a transducer part of a biosensor etc...
Example of Layer constitution
Example of Layer constitution
Benefits of making electrochemical sensors with P-Flex®PET

Usually, the electrochemical sensor is manufactured only by silk screen printing. However, when it is combined with the 3 μm copper wiring of P-Flex® PET;

  • Reduction of wiring resistance value.
  • Cost benefit compared to gold paste printing by making gold electrode with gold flash.
  • Because it is a PET base that doesn't absorb water, it can reduce water absorption induced sensor sensitivity trouble, can also be used for flow cell and such.
  • Can be produced in small batches.
  • Production price is negotiable.

For the prototypes, we plan to provide a one-stop service with paste spreading instead of part mounting for roughly the same price.

Sensors to measure thickness of target molecule based on Oxidation-Reduction Potential(ORP).
A sensor has two gold electrodes and one Ag-AgCl electrodes.

Gas sensors, pH sensors, biosensors, water quality sensors, ORP sensors

Measurement equipment, IoT sensor devices

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