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AMC Nagoya

AMC Nagoya

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TOP >The large mass-production and research complex for P-Flex® AMC Nagoya

The large mass-production and research complex
for P-Flex® AMC Nagoya

Having raised a total of JPY 1.8 billion in October 2019 and established a large mass-production and research complex within the Nagoya factory rented from Mitsui Chemicals Co., Ltd. since July 2020, we started production and shipment of mass-produced products in April 2021.

As for production capacity, the monthly production capacity will be 5,000m² in 2021 and we will expand our equipment to secure a monthly production capacity of 20,000m² in 2024. The maximum capital investment amount including this expansion is expected to be JPY 1.4 billion.

With the realization of the world's first large-scale mass production of inkjet-printed electronic circuits and the provisions of inkjet printing technologies by Seiko Epson Corporation and of the factory building and mass-production know-how by Mitsui Chemicals Co., Ltd., we aim to utilize the strengths of large corporations to break down the barriers to mass-production faced by startups.


AMC Nagoya


c/o Mitsui Chemicals Inc. Nagoya Works, 2-1 Tango-dori, Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 457-0801, Japan(Google Map


10 min by cab. from the JR Kasadera Station

Factory manager

Naohiro Hirata

Building Overview

Total floor area of approx. 2,600㎡, three-storied steel structure
Elephantech's P-Flex Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Process
Appearance of AMC Nagoya

AMC Nagoya is located in the Nagoya Plant of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. The front of the building is painted white and Elefantec’s color blue, and the signboard with the Elefantec logo by the entrance is a landmark.

We are metal inkjet printing specialists

At the AMC Nagoya Plant, we introduced our in-house developed mass production printing equipment. We are also progressing with verification for future equipment sales.


A process in which a copper layer is formed on top of the silver ink layer by electroless copper plating.
The plating system in the image is 30 meters long.

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