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Highly transparent touch sensor circuit boards can be made by combining high transparency PET materials and PEDOT:PSS transparent electrodes

Introduction benefits

The electrostatic capacitive touch sensor electrode uses the transparent soldermask of P-Flex®PET, a single-sided flexible PCB. As a product, it comes without initial cost and is suitable for use in switches that value thinness or design as it can be made in any shape and form.

  • No initial cost and can be produced in any shape and design
  • Uses transparent soldermask allowing for permeability in all but the wiring (additional fees apply)
  • Space-saving is possible as parts such as LEDs can be mounted
  • The connector to the main board utilizes the technological know-how accrued from the development of our own custom flat cable
  • Switches can be formed with glass or acrylic as the top layer
  • Flexible light-transmissive touch sensors can be made by combining PEDOT: PSS, a flexible and transparent conductive material.

Switches that place a premium on thinness and design and that do not deteriorate


Vehicle mounted appliances,Lighting, design centerd appliances, home appliance switches that are prone to being wet, industry equipment that do not use mechanical switches

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