Frequently Asked Questions

Can Elephantech supply the product on rigid or rigid flexible printed boards?
Elephantech does not offer the product on rigid or rigid flexible printed boards. The only version of the product that is available is the one that uses flexible printed boards.
Are there any durability data available for long-term use, such as anti-ionic migration characteristics, etc.?
Tests were performed to confirm that our products do not suffer from any short circuit caused by ionic migration in 85℃85%RH, using conductor patterns incorporating interdigital electrodes placed at 0.5 mm intervals, to which a voltage of 50V was applied continuously for 1440 hours.
Are there any options available for the color of soldermask coating?
Transparent as standard.
For PET substrates, green, white and black soldermask coating by silk screen printing is also available as a developmental product.
Are there any data available as to the bendability and flexibility of the product?
Due to changes in soldermask's thickness, we are currently collecting test data.
Is there any method that can be adopted to further improve the flex resistance characteristic?
Flex resistance can be improved through design efforts such as by placing the pattern surface on the inside of the bend or by increasing the pattern width of the bending part. Please contact us for more information.
Do you have any data on its resistence to bends and folds?

See the table below for the reference data of the minimum bending radius when folding the Flex PCB with metal molds and such. The values in the table are reference values (not guaranteed values).

Reference data of the minimum bending radius

Reference data of the minimum bending radius
The minimum bending radius R[mm] 0.5
Can Elephantech provide the product with double-side printing or via holes?
Elephantech does not currently offer either of these options but is planning on offering them in the future.
Is it possible to perform soldering on the product?

Soldering can be performed on the product.

While P-Flex PI can be soldered with standard solders, P-Flex PET should be soldered with low-temperature solder at around 200°C. Our business partner’s factory is capable of performing low-temperature reflow soldering, so please consult us for further details. If a customer prefers to manually perform soldering instead, Elephantech recommends using lead-free, low-temperature, and flux-cored ECO SOLDER LEO manufactured by Senju Metal Industry.

Is there any particular type of connector that is recommended by Elephantech?

Any connector can be applied as long as the minimum conductor track width of the pads being used is 200 µm, with the minimum spacing between conductive tracks being 200 µm. So most connectors that have a pitch of at least 0.4 mm can be used.

In addition, if connectors with a thickness of 300 µm must be used, our stiffeners can be applied to achieve evenness in thickness.

Could I get some advice regarding flexible PCB?
We will be glad to. Please contact us via the form below for your technical questions. Our sales department will reply as soon as possible.
Could I get some technical advice regarding flexible PCB?
We will be glad to. Please contact us via the form below for your technical questions. Our sales department will reply as soon as possible.
How can I purchase the AgIC products?

We no longer sell AgIC products directly. Contact our global distributor.

Contact Ms Tracy Lee (
Company Little Black Carrot Limited / 伯克卡羅有限公司
Address Unit 1804, 18/F, Workingberg Commercial Building, 41-47 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
Phone (852) 8100-8498
Do you limit the maximum voltage or current?
There are no limits for voltage. Please refer to the specifications for the limit of the current.
Although you have set the minimum pattern as 200μm, is it possible to make it narrower?
We can try to make prototypes depending on the yield. An additional fee will be charged.
We have only the old format of the Gerber data such as RS-272D. Would you accept it?
We principally accept only RS-272X since it is difficult to guarantee the quality with the other gerber formats. We can make an exception and produce the product but only under your understanding that some problems may occur and that we cannot guarantee its quality.
Do you have a minimum order quantity?
We can manufacture from 1 piece as the prototype before mass production.
We can produce from a single piece.
The material is cresol novolac type epoxy resin. The name of the manufacturer is nondisclosed.
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