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Print Evaluation

Apply for Print Evaluation Service

Services and Support

Services and Support
  • Ink Discharge Evaluation
    We will verify whether the ink is discharged correctly from the inkjet printhead.
  • Print Evaluation
    We will verify whether circuits and patterns are printed correctly onto the substrate by the inkjet printing device.
  • Prototyping
    We will make prototypes using an inkjet printer or other means according to your request.
  • Contract Manufacturing
    Based on the prototyping results, the manufacturing of the product may be outsourced to us starting from small lots.

Print Evaluation Service

Print Evaluation Service
The service is ideal for the following situations. Please feel free to contact us using the form below.
  • Evaluating the functionalities of the printed materials while getting advice on inks and substrates.
  • Printing and testing the performance of the printhead following the fine-tuning with the discharge evaluation service.
  • Evenly applying enzymes and other proteins for biosensors.
  • Attempting to print a functional ink on a stretchable substrate or a substrate that dissolves in water.

We will flexibly take on the following kinds of demands too.
  • Receiving the print evaluation service at the same time as the ink discharge evaluation service for the provided ink.
  • Being introduced to a variety of functional inks with validated printing capabilites and having them printed.
Apply for Print Evaluation Service

Flow of Print Evaluation Service

A one-stop solution for inkjet printing. The printing specifications can be customized to meet the customer's needs.
Furthermore, benefit from Elephantech's expertise and get our advice on functionality evaluation for the printed materials.
Application and initial meeting
We will hold a meeting with clients who apply for the service.
Upon request, you may also take a look at the equipment.
Finalization of Printing Specifications
We will finalize the printing specifications according to the customer's request.
Invoice and Date of Delivery
We will provide you with an invoice and delivery details at a later date.
Printing and Delivery
We will realize the printing and deliver the goods.
Upon request, we can also write a report on the printing and you may assist the printing.
Discussions on the Finished Prints
We will hold a meeting after delivery.
We will also gladly provide advice on the next steps to take.

Service Menu

  Print Evaluation Service Menu ※1


Printing with Elephantech's ink Printing with customer-provided ink


Elephantech's standard silver ink, Other companies' ink ※2 Customer-provided ink ※3


Elephantech's standard PET, Standard PI Elephantech's standard PET, Standard PI


Provided substrate Provided substrate


Elephantech's standard data, provided data Elephantech's standard data, provided data

Standard Turnaround Approx.

7 days Approx. 10 days Approx.

Discharge Options

Waveform adjustment Waveform adjustment


Ink volume adjustment Ink volume adjustment


Enlarged size  

Processing Options

Drying, sintering Drying, sintering


Plating, thermocompression bonding Plating, thermocompression bonding


Double-sided printing ※4 Double-sided printing 


UV curing (post process) UV curing (post process)

※1)The basic size for the substrate will be 100mm x 100mm.
※2)Please contact us for advice on other companies' ink. We will advise you on the best inks for the job.
※3)The customer-provided ink must have completed a discharge evaluation before printing.
※4)Please contact us separately regarding position accuracy for double-sided prints.

Price Example

※ The price may be changed without warning (as of June 18, 2020).
※ For customers outside of Japan, please be aware that the price as well as the turnaround may be multiplied by 1.5 to 2 times.
Example: When printing 3 electrical circuits (approx. 5 to 7 days)

Printing Costs (Elephantech standard silver ink + customer-provided substrate) = 60,000 JPY
Processing Options (sintering + plating + thermocompression bonding) = 20,000 JPY
(Total 80,000 JPY)

Example: For the printing of 3 sheets with conductive ink that has passed a discharge evaluation and received waveform adjustment (approx. 7 to 10 days).

Printing Costs (Customer-provided ink + Customer-provided substrate + waveform adjustment) = 160,000 JPY
Processing Options (sintering) = 5,000 JPY
(Total 165,000 JPY)

Please Contact Us

  • We will provide our services free of charge to those who can cooperate by posting in our "User's Feedback" or being featured in the "Case Studies" of our blog.
  • We also have special academic schemes.
  • We also accept prototypes and functional evaluations, so please feel free to contact us.

Articles concerning the Print Evaluation

About AMC


How much ink do I need to prepare when providing the ink?

A minimum of 50cc to 100cc is required. For the smoothest evaluation process, please also provide the cleaning solution. For customer-provided ink, we will first evaluate whether it can be discharged by the inkjet machine for R&D. For more information, please refer to the Ink Discharge Evaluation Service.

There is an ink that we would like to try but we don't have any at hand. Would you be able to procure it for us?

Ink that is generally available for purchase can be procured by us in your stead for an extra fee. This may not apply to ink that isn't easily accessible. The Ink Discharge Evaluation Service will be required beforehand for these inks too.

What materials can be used to print on?

In addition to PET and PI used by Elephantech, PC, PEN and other general films and glossy papers are also available.

There is a circuit I would like to print but I don't know what ink or substrate to use. Could you advise?

Please feel free to contact us.

I want to print but don't know how to compile the data. What should I do?

Please feel free to contact us. Depending on your demand, we may compile the data in-house.

I'm interested in the printing service. How can I make a request for it?

Please feel free to reach out to us and contact us about your needs.

Could you provide us with documentation for our branches overseas? Also, do you work in English?

We are currently creating our English language documentation. And yes, we can provide our services in English.


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