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IME (In-Mold Electronics)

IME (In-Mold Electronics) is a technology for integral molding to form three-dimensional molded film which electronic circuit was drawn on and resin. By integrating parts that had been divided into the housing and electronic board, the following effects can be expected.

  • Gross weight reduction
  • Improve the performance of touch sensors, antennas, etc.
  • Improve the quality of design, reduce assembling proress
  • Protect circuits
  • Reduce cost
Our P-Flex makes multi-layerization possible not only for using PET substrate but through the process such as vacuum forming with meander copper wiring. These 3D shaped films use the process of the film of insert molding and such and enable the electronic substrate to integrate into the resin part.

In use case of straight wiring, it will be cut if it makes three dimensions, but meander wiring will prevent this disconnection.

straight wiring

straight wiring
Cracks appear

meander wiring
meander wiring
Cracks do not appear

vertex value R20mm was used for prototype

The used prototype's vertex is R20mm<
Example of Layer constitution


Integrally mold with resin by fitting the circuit to the three-dimensional curved surface

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