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Elephantech Quality & Environment Policy

At Elephantech Inc., our mission is to “Making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies”. Elephantech develops and manufactures printed electronics and is committed to providing the world with high-quality, environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies to foster continuous growth.

At Elephantech, our Quality & Environment Policy, which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, summarizes the essential elements of our commitment and includes the following:

  1. Establish a Quality & Environment Integrated Management System and work on improving customer satisfaction and protecting the environment.
  2. Review the Integrated Management System and continuously improve its effectiveness.
  3. Clarify and comply with quality and environment related laws, regulations and social requirements pertaining to our activities, products and services.
  4. Establish Quality & Environment objectives and conduct reviews in order to comply with this Quality & Environment Policy.
  5. Regarding quality management, we will focus on the following:
    • Close communications with customers, meeting their needs and delivering the product on time. 
    • Speedy response to customer complaints and preventing future recurrences. 
    • Quality improvements aimed at improving customer trust and satisfaction.
  6. Regarding environmental management, we will focus on the following:
    • Prevention of water pollution through appropriate liquid waste management and treatment. 
    • Prevention of air pollution through the use of an appropriate exhaust system. 
    • Prevention of global warming through reduced power consumption. 
    • Conservation of resources and reduction of waste through reuse and recycling. 
    • Prevention of pollution by providing environmentally friendly products.
  7. All Elephantech employees shall be made aware of this Quality & Environment Policy.
  8. This Quality & Environment Policy shall be made public.



Reference data regarding the minimum bending radius is provided in Table 3-3: Reference data on the minimum bending radius below, which can be used when bending FPCs with metal molds, etc. The Copper foil thickness is 3µm and the substrate is PET. However, it must be noted that the data is provided for reference purposes only and is not a guaranteed value.

Table 3-3: Reference data on the minimum bending radius

Minimum bending radius R [mm] 0.5


Reference data on the anti-ionic migration characteristic of the product is provided in Table 3-4 below. Please note, however, that the data is provided for reference purposes only and these are not guaranteed values. The test pattern used consisted of interdigital electrodes placed at 0.5 mm intervals, to which a voltage of 50 V was applied.

While silver is used in the seed layer, copper coating is subsequently applied using electroless plating all over the surface. Therefore, no ionic migration of silver will occur under normal circumstances.


Table 3-4: Reference data on anti-ionic migration

Condition Observation of ionic migration
85°C 85%Rh 1440 hours None observed


All products we ship comply with the RoHS Directive as standard. Also, we do not use substances that are listed as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) by the REACH regulation. If required, we will gladly provide certificates of compliance of RoHS and REACH upon request. Please contact us.



Certified UL94(Flame retardant grade)

Table 3-5

Substrate UL94
PI V-0
PET None.


Reference data on peel strength between the substrate and the copper pattern is shown in Table 3-6. The peel test is based on JIS-K5600 (cross cut method).

Table 3-6: Peel Strength Reference Data

Substrate Peel strength
PI Passed peel test
PET Passed peel test
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