TabbyPrint is a printing technology that does not produce the same fingerprint pattern so that no two tabby cats are identical


What is TabbyPrint?
  • TabbyPrint is a security printing technology that does not create identical fingerprint patterns. Just as no two tabby cats in the world are the same, the inkjet process can modulate the randomness of the droplet impact and intentionally create artifact metrics that are easy to identify.
  • With TabbyPrint, it isn't easy to print the same pattern yourself because it is printed each time randomly. In addition, the cost of trying to reproduce it with a different printing technique would be so enormous that it is challenging to motivate people to create a fake.
  • We believe that by photographing the TabbyPrint with a microscope or similar device after printing and managing the images in the cloud, this technology could be used by anyone with an app or device that determines authenticity. In addition, if the recorded images are associated with a blockchain such as NFT, traceability of the distribution process could be realized.

When It Comes to Blockchain, Cats!
Origin of the name TabbyPrint

CryptoKitties is an NFT game that uses the cryptographic asset Ethereum as currency and applies blockchain technology to breed and reproduce "the one and only cat of value".1
Just as the CryptoKitties cat is a "crypto cat," this technology is a "security printing technology that creates a unique value."

In homage to the CryptoKitties cat, we named this technology "TabbyPrint" after the tabby cat (tiger cat), whose stripes are unique worldwide.

1 : CryptoKitties | Collect and breed digital cats!

Background on the need for TabbyPrint
  • The total value of counterfeit and pirated products in circulation in the world is expected to reach 120 trillion yen by 2022.1
  • As the damage becomes more serious, countermeasures against counterfeit products using RFID and two-dimensional codes have been proposed. Still, there is a problem that security can be breached by reattaching or duplicating tags.
  • To address the issues, we are aware that object fingerprint authentication technology that utilizes the unique individuality of objects has been proposed and is being put into practical use. We believe that TabbyPrint will be a technology that can further improve discriminability because it can express such individuality.
  • ※Object fingerprinting 2 is a technology that takes advantage of subtle differences in product surface patterns that naturally occur during manufacturing. TabbyPrint is characterized by its ability to control subtle pattern differences intentionally. Since product manufacturing and printing can be decoupled, the test pattern can be printed on the actual product surface, enabling certification accuracy testing of tens of thousands of units or more at a low cost.



TabbyPrint Example

We have included five "cat(猫)" images as printed materials under verification.
If you check the details, you will be able to confirm the discrepancy in the position of the impact.

Description of TabbyPrint Sample



Front Side
  • Description of TabbyPrint
  • Link to Japanese page (QR code)
  • Our logo
Reverse Side
  • 21 x 6 wheel-shaped TabbyPrint
  • The TabbyPrint has been adjusted, and if you zoom in, you can see that the patterns are not all the same.
Future Outlook
  • We believe that TabbyPrint is a technology that can be used in various fields as an anti-counterfeiting measure. We will continue to develop this technology actively.
  • We have received requests to apply the technology to artworks with individualized printing, and we would like to proceed with market verification while envisioning various usage scenarios so that this technology will be accepted by the world.
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