TabbyPrint is a techonology that produces non-fungible prints by using markings that are as unique and identifiable as those of tabby cats


What is TabbyPrint?
  • TabbyPrint is a technology that prints "one-of-a-kind unique identification marks" using an inkjet printer.
  • All TabbyPrint prints are made unique by adding microscpic randomness in the ink droplet impact points while printing.
  • By photographing the TabbyPrint marking with sufficient resolution and linking it to the blockchain, TabbyPrint-marked products can be identified as individual products.
  • Linking blockchain registration information with product distribution information ensures the traceability of product procurement, distribution, sales, etc. It improves the accuracy of CO2 emissions calculations and the evolution of secondary distribution.



Origin of the name TabbyPrint

The cryptocurrency boom of 2017 brought much attention to blockchain technology and how it could be applied to other types of businesses. The blockchain game CryptoKitties became so popular that it represented 12% of all Ethereum transactions, even causing the network to slow down. 1
We named our technology TabbyPrint, in part as a tribute to these kittens that showed many of us the potential of NFTs, and in part because no two prints made with the technology are identical, just like how no two tabby cats have the exact same markings.

1 :

Background on the need for TabbyPrint

From the production process of various raw materials and parts to the distribution and sales of products, businesses have been increasing their efforts in recent years to trace and calculate CO2 emissions throughout entire supply chains to meet their targets for a decarbonized society. Furthermore, we are seeing a shift toward a recycling-oriented society in which products are used long after they reach the market and resources are recycled and reused. Amid such transformation, blockchain technology is attracting much attention as a system for tracing various historical data of entire supply chains because of its high affinity with traceability systems in terms of incorruptibility and transparency.

Technical contributions to users facing challenges
  • Compared to NFT certification cards or certification stickers, TabbyPrint prints individual identification marks directly on the product, thereby making product and traceability inseparable.
  • Since TabbyPrint prints directly on the product, there is no need to pay for a sticker to ensure traceability. In addition, it eliminates the need for space on the product's surface to place the sticker.
  • We believe that TabbyPrint, which directly imprints a unique identification mark on a product, can also contribute to profit sharing and usage history management during secondary distribution, as seen in discussions regarding how blockchain technology can be used.
TabbyPrint Close-up

Here are five test sample prints of “猫”, the Kanji logographic character for ‘cat’.
Zooming into the details, we can observe the discrepancy in the position of the ink impact points.

TabbyPrint Samples

Below is a photograph of a sample printed with TabbyPrint technology using marking ink on a plastic substrate.
Even figures indistinguishable to the naked eye (image on the left) can serve as individual identification marks as variations in the ink-to-surface contact points can be recognized by microscopic observation (enlarged image on the right).



An example of a product model number printed on the surface of a silicon chip using TabbyPrint with marking ink.

Seemingly identical product model numbers and characters can be recognized as individual devices if photographed with sufficient resolution. We are considering applying this technology to yield management, distribution management, and authenticity determination of semiconductor devices.

An example of a product model number printed on the surface of a silicon chip using Tabby Print with marking ink.




Front Side
  • Description of TabbyPrint
  • Link to Japanese page (QR code)
  • Our logo
Reverse Side
  • 21 x 6 wheel-shaped TabbyPrint
  • The TabbyPrint has been adjusted, and if you zoom in, you can see that the patterns are not all the same.
Future Outlook

Elephantech hopes to develop the TabbyPrint technology further.

  • Flow yield control of semiconductor products - Distribution control - Authenticity determination
  • Digital art - IP-rights management and market distribution traceability for works printed with digital content and other IP
  • Unique ID management to trace raw material information for products for which society strongly demands a reduction in environmental impacts, such as fashion, automobiles, and smartphones

By ensuring the traceability of various products printed with TabbyPrint technology, we will contribute to the promotion of the Net-Zero Challenge and work toward realizing a sustainable society.
In addition to printing technology, we are looking for collaborators for ledger management systems, photography departments, printing equipment, etc. Collaboration projects that have already started will be announced in due course.

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