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About Elephantech

Elephantech Inc. is a startup that has achieved a significant milestone in the field of PCB manufacturing, by becoming the first company in the world to successfully manufacture PCBs using metal inkjet printing. With the mission of “Making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies”, Elephantech provides their innovative inkjet printing solutions to promote their manufacturing method as the new global standard.



P-Flex🄬 Standard sample
About Elephantech's manufacturing method (Pure Additive™️ method)

P-Flex® – Print Metal Ink Directly and then Apply Copper Plating

The Pure Additive™️ method involves converting metal into nanoparticle ink state, which is then printed on a substrate using an inkjet printer. The metal is then grown by electroless copper plating to form a circuit. This technology requires fewer manufacturing processes compared to conventional methods, resulting in significant reductions in environmental impact and improved cost performance.
(* Patent No. 6300213)

The world's first practical application using printing technology

Taking the example of printed circuit boards, the conventional manufacturing method was an extremely long process in which copper foil is manufactured, laminated with film (production of CCL), and laminated with photosensitive materials before the desired copper pattern is achieved by dissolving and discarding the copper foil from unnecessary parts by exposure, development, and etching.

Our process achieves the desired copper pattern by printing the metal onto film and growing it, not only forgoing the need for copper foil manufacturing and CCL manufacturing processes but also eliminating the need for the etching process to dissolve and discard the copper foil.

Elephantech: Company Introduction by CEO 2022 (see 0:38-2:40)

Before: 「Etching unnecessary metal」→ Lot of waste.

Now:「Print the metal you need」→ There's no waste.

Environmentally Friendly, Proprietary Technologies
LCA_230607_en_16_9Led by the growing momentum to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, more significant consideration is given to environmental impact.
Amid such global trends, Elephantech believes it is a corporate responsibility to communicate on efforts made in reducing environmental impact and has worked on the visualization of its sustainability efforts from the three angles of “climate change,” “natural resources,” and “hazardous substances.” 

Our Sustainability


P-Flex🄬 Mass production example

EIZO_logo_RGB_highEIZO Corp.


Elephantech's P-Flex® has been adopted by EIZO Corporation for the mass production of its FlexScan® EV3895 monitor and is used in its control switches.
The FlexScan® EV3895 is a futuristic, curved monitor and the capacitive touch switches are also distinctively curved. In addition to being flexible, P-Flex® also contributes to lowering mass production and development costs for such applications.

▶ PressRelease : P-Flex® Design Win for EIZO Corporation’s FlexScan® EV3895 Ultrawide, Curved Monitor

Customer’s Voice: Why P-Flex® ?

The flexible design of P-Flex® allows the switches to be located on the curved surface, which is a defining feature of this product.

URL https://www.eizoglobal.com/
Adopted 2020
Application Display switches
Product FlexScan® EV3895 Ultrawide, Curved Monitor

a3_logomark_yoko_bFukuda Co., Ltd.


P-Flex® is used in the pressure sensor module which plays a pivotal role in the Air Leak Test System.
Air leak test system deploys multiple pressure sensors in high density space and hence such modules need to be small. Typically, initial cost of flexible circuit boards can be a big issue depending on the lot size, and there are many cases where there is no choice but to use cable wiring that takes up a lot of space. Elephantech's P-Flex® was awarded for this system as its manufacturing method substantially reduces costs both of mass production and development regardless lot size while also allowing for the miniaturization of the module.

▶ PressRelease : Elephantech's P-Flex® Design Win for FUKUDA's Air Leak Test System for Packaging Containers MSQ-2000 series

Customer’s Voice: Why P-Flex® ?
The utilization of P-Flex® resulted in a 30% reduction of the footprint, as well as a decrease in the total number of components required and the streamlining of assembly procedures.

URL https://www.fukuda-jp.com/en/
Adopted 2021
Application Pressure Sensor Module
Product Air Leak Test System MSQ-2000
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