P-Flex® Flexible Circuits Specifications

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P-Flex® Flexible Circuits Specifications

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These manufacturing specifications are the basic specifications for P-Flex® production, and details can be agreed upon through individual consultation. For particular specifications, please get in touch with us.

Base film PI (Polyimide) film: 25 µm thick
Minimum Line width / spacing 100 / 100 μm
Minimum Hole diameter 0.5 mm min.
Minimum Outline - Pattern Spacing

0.3 mm min.

Standard copper plating layer thickness 3 μm, 6 μm, 9 μm, 12 μm (More than or equal to each setting value)
Maximum Panel size 393 x 223 mm
Wiring layer Single-sided Only
Coverlay PI film 12.5 µm, adhesion layer 25 µm
Legend printing UV inkjet printing (white)
Surface treatment Oxidation prevention treatment, Electroless Nickel-Gold plating Electro Nickel-Gold plating
Outline cutting Laser cutting or Die punching
Hole drilling Laser cutting or Die punching
Stiffeners When specifying the thickness of the connector part, film stiffeners can be used to adapt to connectors of 200 µm or 300 µm.

Component mounted parts and such can be adapted by using FR4 stiffeners of 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, and 1.6mm in thickness.

Other stiffeners, electromagnetic wave shield film, double-sided tape and such are also available.
Inspection Visual inspection + opens/shorts test
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