Transparent heat resistance PET Film 50μm thick, 125μm thick、 PI(Polyimide) Film 25µm thick

Min. Pattern Width/Spacing (L/S)

200/200μmPET 200/150μm is available at additional costs and delivery times.

Copper foil thickness

3µmIf you would like more than 3μm thick for PET, please contact us separately.

Wiring layer


Copper pattern surface finish

Anti-oxidation treatment (standard), electroless Ni-Au plating (additional cost and delivery date)

Soldermask coating

UV inkjet printing method (Transparent / 30µm thickness) (special product: waterproof grade resist application colorless / 50µm thickness)
Developed product: White and black soldermask by silkscreen printing ( for PET substrate)

Legend Printing

UV inkjet printing method (white)

Panel Size

180 × 270mm Max. 

Outline cutting / Hole drilling

Laser-cut  (min. hole diameter: 0.5 mm)


Connector insertion: total thickness 200μm, 300μm compatible (outer cut for each Stiffeners) Part mounting unit: 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 1.6mm FR-4 plate (min. Stiffeners width: 5mm)
Other electromagnetic shielding films, double-sided tape, etc. available


V/M inspection + Open short test

Min. mounting part size (ref. data)

0603(Length:0.6mm x Width:0.3mm)0201(inch) / PET, PI

Reflow heat resistance

PET: 200 / 5 seconds、 PI: 260/10 seconds

Continuous operating temp.


current capacity (reference data)

Trace width 0.8mm: 0.5A (+10 ℃ increase), 1A (+40 ℃ increase) Trace width 3mm: 1A (+10 ℃ increase), 2A (+40 ℃ increase)

Min. bend radius (reference data)

0.5mm (3umCopper foil thickness/PET)

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